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Home Theater Projector Buying Guide

Home Theater Projector Buying Guide

What to look for in the Best Indoor Home Theatre Projectors

People who love movies would want to have the home theatre projectors inside their homes. They would place it either in their own living room or in their own home theatre room. Wherever the projector is placed, there are some things that we need to look out for to find the right home theatre projector that will suit your need and that you will feel the same theatre experience as to of the cinemas. Here are some of the things should check out for the best indoor home theatre projectors.


When you’re watching movies inside the house, use a home theatre projector that has the higher resolution. Having higher resolution, it can display HD images like Blu-ray and HDTV. 


An indoor home theatre projector should have at least 1000 to 3000 lumens which can be good in a dim lit room or in an ambient lighting. It can handle from small to big-sized screens in your room. More than 3000 lumens might not be good indoors because it gives off very bright light.


When watching movies indoors, you don’t want to have a conked projector all throughout. Find a more quiet home theatre projector so that the sounds you hear is from the movie you are watching not from the projector.

Screen types

You need to check how wide you screen will be when watching movies using the home theatre projector. You will need higher brightness for big-sized screens. You will need lower brightness for small-sized screens. You also need to check the background colour of your screen. It is recommended to have them plain rather than printed or designed. Have it light-coloured rather than dark-coloured. This will affect the images projected by your home theatre projectors.

These are just some of the things to look out for when you are buying indoor home theatre projectors.